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Re: True Value Solar nightmare

Postby Briannajon » Thu Aug 11, 2011 4:10 pm

I think it must be a very bad experience you had. To deal with a person of rude mentality is quite difficult. Its better to avoid the dealings with such persons. And of course that you may not deal with that organization again in life since you had a very rash settlement with them. Even I can't imagine to deal with such an organization.
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Re: True Value Solar nightmare

Postby lpocklin » Fri Aug 12, 2011 5:31 am

Hi everyone.
I have also only recently placed an order with TVS here in Adelaide, before stumbling across this forum mind you lol
I read posts from people who bad mouth this company for bad service, long wait times, inferior equipment, dodgy installations, lack of info and not even being told what specific components they are getting.
While I understand it's easy to blame the company as a whole but maybe they just didn't ask the right questions or had a bad salesperson?
I did research for 3.04kw systems and actually got about 5-6 quotes and funny enough TVS weren't actually the cheapest, they were the cheapest that did interest free. I was quoted 7599 up to 19200 which is just stupid, German panels or not!
I asked all types of questions for 2 days to TVS which were answered promptly, I was given info sheets on their warranties AND info sheets on the types of panels (not brands) and inverters they use which was good enough for me!
I then placed my order, the following day I was contacted by a separate department with payment details for my deposit. I paid that next day over the phone but stuffed up my credit card details and had to do it again. I asked my salesperson to confirm it went through, that night I had a lady ring me as a courtesy to make sure it was a mistake and the next day I received a receipt confirmation. I was also provided with an order sheet outlining details of my installation including what brand inverter I was receiving and 2 days later received my finance documents as promised.
I was also told to expect a minimum wait time of 10 weeks for installation.
When I read complaints that people are waiting 3 months for their installation, well that's just 2 weeks more than their minimum wait time so you wanted it done sooner maybe you should have gone to a company that has a 30 day guarantee!
TVS are not a solar company, they are a bunch of salesman who do nothing more than take your deposit money and pass the rest on to sub contracted installers. They should take more interest in customer service but you do get what you pay for.
Yes I am out of pocket 1000 bucks but you know what, my payments don't start until the system is installed, I am guaranteed to get rebates and feed in tariffs as I have placed my order before the tariffs are stopped like they have been in WA so I am not really concerned if it takes 4 months for my system to be installed.
They can't tell you what brand panels are used, not because they are dodgy, they take deposits for systems to guarantee business, they buy a shipment of whatever panels are cheap at the time and when hey run out they do the same only they might be a different brand that's available then ( or that's what I think anyway)
They definitely should ensure you get the system you have ordered though as I would not be happy if the installers turn up with 2 1.5kw inverters of a different brand instead of the 3.04kw growatt inverter that is on my order.
Customers should not have to accept dodgy installations and TVS should be concerned if customers aren't happy with their installations!
As for people saying you won't be happy when they go belly up next year after the rebates stop and try and get warranty work done. Well I haven't heard of most of the companies I got quotes from and am sure they just "popped" up when the rebates started. Any company can go bust and all it takes is another GFC to hit, which isnt impossible the way the world is at the moment, then we are all in the same boat so don't just lump TVS with that.
Funny thing, unfortunately people don't actively seek out ways to give praise for positive things, they only want to announce the negative things.
When you google "complaints" guess what your going to find....?
While all the people before me are certainly entitled to their opinions and from the sounds of it and have been treated poorly I have nothing bad to say about TVS up to this point and have been given prompt service and accurate information in relation to every aspect of the ordering process.
But will keep everyone posted, it could all go downhill from here on by the sounds of it lol

***Just an update.
I contacted my sales rep and informed him I was feeling uneasy about complaints I have read and he said they are trying to improve customer service, has passed me on to his manager to reduce my price (after signing) to match the cheapest quote I received and has given me a choice of 3 panel brands, nesl, ST solar or for 25 bucks a panel I can have a shipment of CEEG panels for my order which, if my research is right, comes from the soon to be second largest manufacturer in china.
Any thoughts on these panels?
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Re: True Value Solar nightmare

Postby simman » Tue Aug 23, 2011 11:40 pm

Sent this tonight to these morons.

Righto you pack of assholes

I’ve totally had enough of chasing you guys up.

4 phone calls over 4 weeks with promises of someone to call me back and never happening.

But don’t worry Im going to keep calling your office every day until I finally happen to catch your manager who so conveniently always happens to be out. And when I say manager I mean someone who is empowered and authorized to make a decision not some idiot claiming to be a manager who cant do squat.

My reference number is T>>>>

I have 2 gripes that I want sorted.

1. I want the roof that was damaged by the installer repaired
2. I want to know which clown thought it was a good idea to sell me a system that had to be installed on the south west side of the house which is clearly a F#$!@#$ing waste of my money.

Im giving you until 10.30 EST to phone me on xxxx xxx xxx or I start making your companies life extremely uncomfortable. Starting with a massive complaint to the Office of Consumer Affairs, a letter to the Editor of The Advertiser, a phone call to Today Tonight and A Current Affair.

Believe me I will use every avenue possible to make this company accountable. I will become your worst customer nightmare.

You might also be interested to see other comments that customers are posting about your company. Clearly I made a mistake spending $7500 with you.

TV are the worst solar company in australia with a pathetic product in comparison to other companies, they dont even check the installation as they sell from melb,google earth is there best friend. How do i know this? because i installed many systems for them and the only good that came out of it was great advertising for me, so now i’ve cut and run. Folks do not get systems installed by these cheats their worse than car salesman. They also install tilt frames without council approvals which is illegal.

I had solar installed by true value solar. They were the cheapest.
Until on the day of installation they changed the rec’s value. Ended up costing me more then All other companies. They also did a crap job and didnt clean up.
Would never recommend them to anybody. Stay away for true value solar.

Using True Value Solar, the biggest mistake of my life. The initial contact with their Sales Team was excellent. Once my application was taken and my deposit paid the problems started.
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Re: True Value Solar nightmare

Postby simman » Wed Aug 24, 2011 10:03 pm

I had a situation where there was no problem with the waiting time in fact the installation occurred earlier than the planned date and the contractors work was quite good other than the fact that they installed the unit on the southern side of the house instead of the northern side. My issue was that TVS did not respond to 4 phone calls I made until I emailed them demanding to be contacted or I would lodge a complaint with the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs, as well as write a letter to the Advertiser editor and approach shows such as today tonight and ACA. I gave them until 1030 today to call. They called at 8.30. Clearly they got the message I was not mucking around. I had a second call from the Adelaide office by 1030 and a third call from the contractor at 4.00pm. In addition another call at 5.30 from the adelaide office to confirm if the contractor had called. The result is that they agreed a mistake was made installing the system on the southern side of the house and will rectify this Monday and reinstall on the northern side where it should have been placed in the first place. It is unfortunate that I had to go to these lengths to get the service I had already paid for but in the end I am happy with their response and the agreement to fix the problem.
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Re: True Value Solar nightmare

Postby gleahy4 » Thu Aug 25, 2011 3:01 pm

here i am now nearly 6 weeks since the install and still waiting for powercor to live up to their end of the bargin
you would think they would want to encourage people to install solar not discourage
why does all this take so long to happen
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Re: True Value Solar nightmare

Postby gleahy4 » Mon Sep 12, 2011 2:41 pm

well just an update
nearly 2 months since the install and still waiting for powercorp to get there act together
so at this stage still not actually getting creditor ed for any power generated may be this is part of there ploy
power for free to them at the moment
every time i ring powercorp they say it should be configured within the nest 2 weeks they have been saying this for 5 weeks now
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Re: True Value Solar nightmare

Postby Schuy1 » Thu Sep 22, 2011 2:00 pm

WELL ... I'm a newbie here. Hi everyone.

I just signed up (at about 7pm last night) for a 3.42KW roof system ( 18 x 190w CEEG MC) with a 4000 SMA Inverter through True Value Solar! - They gave me a GREAT price and I was sort of pressured to "go for it" at the Call centre ...

Very late last night when I got home, I stumbled across this "less than flattering" thread and another here: .... AND now I'm heaps worried too!

I believe that companies deserve a chance to "get better / improve" and I read elsewhere that TVS had changed some of their Installers ..... I'd like to give credit (or the opposite) - when it's earned. - So, I'll record my dealings here with TVS for the benefit of others.

I dealt with a bloke called Peter L. in their Melbourne Call centre (first in their Chat Room - he later phoned me at work) ... he seemed a nice, jokey, happy guy, maybe a car yard type of cowboy talker - but I had a bit of fun with him - I gave back as good as he gave me, so I thought - but more importantly, he gave me a great value deal after referring to his State and National Sales manager ... so I was told.

Anyway, they wanted a $500 deposit - which I paid by credit card. Fair enough.

I was aware (I thought) it could take up to 8 weeks to have it installed ... then the paperwork came back ... up to 10 weeks now. Hmmm.

No big deal - what is another 2 weeks.

I was more concerned about securing the SA Govt. $0.44 feed In Tariff by 30.9.11 so I emailed Peter in a panic fashion etc., this morning - he replied almost immediately, basically - "do not worry" ....

I got the confirmation email from ETSA Utilities that I have been Approved a SEG - Small Embedded Generator - within about 30 minutes of my previous email ..... GREAT!

So, I must say - I am impressed so far!

I will keep you guys posted about the rest of my "work in progress" and how good the Installation and the Installers are - I know that I have to have a Bank Cheque waiting for them on the day .... but that is fair enough by me.

See what happens - this should be interesting!

PS: They did say up to 10 weeks for Installation .... I missed this in my initial phone call notes!
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Re: True Value Solar nightmare

Postby hotstuff » Thu Sep 29, 2011 11:56 am

I had similar bad experiences with TRUE VALUE SOLAR (SA) based in Victoria. We purchased 2 x 3 KW systems. Having already done this through and been disappointed with their non-service, I ensured on my audio contract to stipulate some conditions of my own. TRUE VALUE SOLAR (SA) failed on every count.

After I sent them my cancellation notice through, (around 14 weeks into a 10 week installation deal), a few days later they rang to install our system. I explained that the job had been cancelled. Some clown in TRUE VALUE SOLAR (SA) was going to call me back to organise a refund. Surprise, surprise - that never happened.

Weeks went by and in the end, sick of phoning to get money refunded to me in Adelaide from a crooked bunch in Melbourne, we asked our bank to claw back the funds. They were successful at 1 attempt but not the other. By this stage I had also involved Mark Cornell from the Victoria Department of Justice. He was a reluctant assistant but in the end, some 8+ months after this all began, TRUE VALUE SOLAR (SA) allowed my bank to claw back the second $1,000 deposit that we made. A Nigel Cartwright (apparently 2ic), allowed this action to take place.

Same old story of no contact from them at all, no ability to speak with anyone of authority when I tried to contact them. Just kept getting the line of the manager will contact you back, that call never came.

Complaints should be sent to whilst this guy is still there. I would think though, that he has a very difficult job fixing all the problems that his past team mates made.
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Re: True Value Solar nightmare

Postby truevaluesolar » Fri Sep 30, 2011 12:06 pm

I’m sorry you’ve been unhappy with your True Value Solar experience, it’s disappointing that we have failed to meet your expectations. That said, True Value Solar is currently the largest retailer and installer of residential PV in Australia, we have grown to this position by delivering to customer expectations and I am confident customer experience is getting better.

As the post above states I resolve customer care related issues so don’t hesitate to make contact should you have any questions via the email address stated or else call our main telephone number and ask to speak with me directly.

Nigel Cartwright
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Re: True Value Solar nightmare

Postby MYKE » Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:46 pm

Hello all. All I can find is bad news stories about TVS on this site. Here is a good news one.

I contacted TVS three days before the tariffs here in Adelaide dropped to 6c from 44c. I signed up the next day with them. I got a salesman's mobile number for any questions I may have had. They were very professional and the price was fair. To my surprise three weeks later I received a call to book in a time to have my system installed. Last Friday the unit was installed by a very friendly and professional contractor which also told me to keep his number for any questions I may have. The system install is great, I would recommend TVS to anyone. I understand some people on here have had a bad experience with TVS but I have nothing bad to say at all. I am very happy with the service I received. :lol:
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Re: True Value Solar nightmare

Postby 88300d » Sun Nov 13, 2011 4:15 pm

Hi true vale solar was on my list when i was looking for a system.
I am in SA and they told me i would get 60c pkw feed in tariff, i said i don't thinks so i have been in touch with micke ranns office.
They told me they are the professionals and the govt would tell me anything to get out of paying me.

I said they should show me some proof, they sent a copy of draft legislation that never made it to parliament, i told them they need to learn the difference between legislation and bills.

I went with solar shop because the guy i was dealing with had the guts to say i dont know if i asked him questions he could not answer and would bet back to me. Top bloke Warren Lane.
A guy called Adam did my final quote because i was told warren was away, recently i found out he left.
I paid my 5K deposit then
I could no longer get response to my emails from either of these guys.

I complained to the friend who referred me who told me they had gone broke.

I chased down their receivers who sent me info on their situation, so i phoned solar shop, the lady was horrible in tone i felt like the enemy not the bloke who was chunking out $50k.

Got of the phone and thought given the dollar is now so high and recs and tariff subsites were low i may be able to get some one cheaper.

I had seen some blokes in our SA region advertising on TV, i wanted some one local in the first place.
They came and saw me the same day, and told me many wonderful things and quoted me 36K.

Cool i thought and waited for the quote by email well i should have seen the con coming there 36K was tax ex but some people are of trade back grounds and dont realise retail consumers should be quoted tax inc or advised. No big deal 40K is still aok for me so as they were local i did not get other quotes and paid the deposit.
two business days latter the guy was on the phone pushing me that he have his guys do the install the next day.

I caved and said yes as i figured they may have wanted the job. The guy who seemed the dominant partner had told me at the meeting he has his own installers to ensure quality. I have been in business and know you have to keep employees working.

They came and were real friendly, by the end of the first day panels were seriously out of alignment and i photo and emailed Dan (the boss guy) and next morning asked the installer, he lined them up well.

Mid day two they were ready to go but explained the cable i told Dan may need replacing but he assured me would be fine did need to be replaced add $700 no worries but they would have to come back.

When the paper work was given me they tried it on for another 7K. I with held 15k from our original agreement until it was all fixed.It got a little rough in chats about the 7k but after a few days they explained they were in error and the threats were made out of stress.

We have had very civil emails since but,

My shed roof is all dented,
they fitted wrong size circuit breaker,
installed inverters out of manufacture instructions,
have not followed the eazy rack instructions and crushed my roof.
the panels on my main roof are hanging over one side and have lots of space on the other.
both roofs have panels too low for water, the shed is right to the edge
there is at least on lose bolt on the rack, it was the second one i checked and did not look further.

The list goes on but why bother,

SOLAR is another labor mess i would not be at all surprised if years down the track we have homes burning.
But lets look on the bright side the carbon tax will only hit the big polluters? good news for me because my roof is covered in junk and I may need to buy coal power, glad i wont have to pay increased price after shelling out sooo much doe for shit i cant claim STCs for or get benefit of tariff subsidies for.

i really dont know what to do about it i cant make sense of it no other CEC people will come near me i am too sick to get up there and pull it all off, the office of the internal regulator has sent me more papers. i am sick of researching and learning this stuff i just wanted to pay some one to do it for me and the government encouraged me but have no control over the industry.

Best i just keep crying while the wind blows and the panels bang, when they fly of the roof others will cry with me.

I know i am probably in the wrong thread but i am just not coping alone.

Bless you all for listening to me, a big cry baby.

Local blokes in the SA Region suck, they seem to have missed how locals treat each other.
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Re: True Value Solar nightmare

Postby Schuy1 » Tue Nov 22, 2011 1:58 pm

Well .... I must report that True Value Solar did ALL they promised.... I'm VERY happy !!!

The installation all went without a hitch - they even installed my SMA 4000 Inverter inside my laundry - as I wanted.

They initially said it could take up to 10 weeks to install but it was only 6 weeks (was installed on 25th Oct 2011) .... I was going to write in earlier but I lost this link ... till now!

Anyway, I can only say that I got a really good price when I was shopping for a system and it all went without a hitch.

My brother's best mate ended up also going with them as their price was so good!

I'm getting my Import / Export meter installed this Friday 25th Nov 2011 by ETSA Utilities.

I've already produced some 540KW + since 25.10.11 .... and that's with 18 panels (3.42KW) on an East facing roof.

My ETSA Approval says "you been approved for a 4KW system (or Inverter)" ... does anyone know if I can add another 3 x 190 panels? - that would make it a true 4KW system (actual 3,990watt).
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Re: True Value Solar nightmare

Postby whitedove » Sun Nov 27, 2011 2:18 pm

For 3 years now l have been doing battle with local solar company l purchased a combination stand alone/grid connected /Tracker system which was suppose to provide emergency back up power when grid failed... which lasted 7 months before inverter malfunctioned ...blowing up at 8 months old under the guise of a tropical storm...installer could give me no explanation as to why system malfunctioned 7 months old...when malfunctioning a month later used lightning strike (voiding warranty) as the reasons why inverter Blew up...even though no signs of damage by lightning ie melted regulator...he wanted to go through my insurance company before damage to inverter was diagnosed (more monies in his pocket)....this is an insurance scam...Installer failed to install cross flow ventilation as directed by inverter manual to avoid over heating & wired system through house circuits & not directly to the grid...l have spent over $20 thousand dollars on this system...have waited for 2 and a half years for the Clean energy council to send inspector...still no show...Warning there is No such thing as a solar inspector to date ...the guy that checks your system on connecting with the grid is not a Solar inspector but Electrical inspector currently with little knowledge of Solar Power...The Government has scammed us the people Big Time...while lining the pockets of cowboys...may their karma come quickly... ...Melbourne Victoria ...Lodge Complaint....
I am having my experience heard by Fair Trading as l experience was Not with TVS...This is ALL about Re-bate...lining their my expense...

Blessings to All Who Care for Mother Earth...Don't feel bad about crying l have cried a lot these last 3 years...<3
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Re: True Value Solar nightmare

Postby Worm » Thu Dec 01, 2011 10:34 am

My wife & I have just moved into a new home and were undecided if we would have Solar Power again even though we were happy with the system we had on our old house.

When we saw an ad on TV Last Saturday 26/11/11 from True Value Solar we could not believe the value of the system described. The ad was for a 1.5kw system installed for $1691.00.

I placed an internet enquiry on the Saturday night and was contacted Sunday morning. The Sales person was great, he had all the facts and figures correct and was a pleasure to deal with and gave us a wait time of 3-5 weeks before installation which we were happy with. To my great surprise I was contacted again on Monday 28/11/11 this time by the True Value Solar installation team who wanted to fit our new system the very next day!! WOW......Now that is what I call service!!

The two installers turned up right on time and were nothing except extremely professional in their work. They were neat and tidy, well spoken, polite and excellent tradesmen.

If I could rate my whole experience with True Value Solar higher than 5 Stars I would!


Stuart James

Frankston North :D :mrgreen:
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Re: True Value Solar nightmare

Postby Inspector » Fri Dec 09, 2011 1:06 pm

Worm - a three-day turnaround from initial enquiry to installed system? I highly doubt that! 1-post from a username like that would make anyone suspicious, but also the fact that it's near impossible for them to have got approval from the network operator at such short notice and over a weekend...
Just because it works doesn't mean it's safe!
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Re: True Value Solar nightmare

Postby Benny » Fri Feb 03, 2012 12:42 pm

Hi all,
Just wanted to let you know of our experience with TVS. We signed up, paid deposit, then waited 5 months for installation. 2 months after install, the meter was installed. After receiving our first bill, we were concerned that we didn't seem to be receiving enough of a reduction for a 2Kw system, but decided to wait until we had the system connected for a full 3 months. We received our bill in Dec 2011 and still were not happy with the power our system was generating so I rang TVS. I explained that friends of ours with 1.5 Kw systems were generating similar amounts of power and the woman I spoke to rudely advised me that we should not expect to generate much power because purchased such a small inverter and we can't compare with other people's systems. After speaking to 2 other families that had also purchased 2 Kw systems I rang TVS again. This time I was told to keep a daily record of how many Kilowatts we generate each day for a week. After we did this, I rang them back to report our findings. I was told that the 6 Kw (on average) that we recorded each day was being used because we had 2 fridges and that is why our bill had not decreased by much.
We have no knowledge about solar systems, but I am not a dumbass. I decided to open one of the boxes installed and discovered that there were 4 cables wound up inside the box that were not connected to anything. Once again I rang TVS to report our recent discovery and was told that we would receive a call from them within 2weeks to arrange a technician to check our system (that was 3 weeks ago). We got sick of waiting and rang the contractor who installed the system. He advised us that when he originally installed it, there was a part missing which meant that only some of the panels were connected. He had advised TVS on the day of installation and they were meant to order the part needed and ring him to install it when it arrived. THIS NEVER HAPPENED. So for 10 months we have had a system that has been generating less than half the power it should have been.
The contractor was great, he fixed it for us to save his name but True Value are not aware of this and we are still waiting to hear from them.
My advice to someone looking for solar would be to give True Value a wide birth, their customer service is non-existent and their incompetent and rude staff make for a negative experience.
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Re: True Value Solar nightmare

Postby hwill » Tue Feb 28, 2012 8:58 pm

Can anyone advise of tvs experience in Tasmania or Hobart? They are currently marketing heavily to sell a 4.2kw inverter, 1.5kw output 8 panel fully installed system for $1,896 if you buy before the end of tomorrow (29 Feb) at which point the price rises to $3792.

Am I being conned and do they work well in Tassie where we have less sun? :?:
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Re: True Value Solar nightmare

Postby User » Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:23 am

Glad I found this forum, I was thinking of contacting tvs. When looking at the prices quoted by the legitimate Companies makes you realise that offers made by this company are too good to be true. They must be using absolute basic quality components.
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Re: True Value Solar nightmare

Postby gunes » Thu Mar 01, 2012 1:46 pm

This mob is now trading as Nationwide Solar in Hendon.
They also rebranded as a new business called NEEO Pty Ltd.
They are opening an office in Chatswood Sydney.

Peter Charitopoulos (real first name is Pantelis) he is from the True Value Solar background

Two of the owners also operate a finance brocking business called Boardroom Finance. Again from the same premises.

I had a dealing with them and it was very uncomfortable.

Lots of swearing, ethnic vilification and chauvanistic behavior.

Essentially they tried to bully me into excepting a price for a solution.

Stay away from these guys and let people know.

They are sharks!!!!!!
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Re: True Value Solar nightmare

Postby rodo » Tue Apr 03, 2012 12:26 am

I did not have a bad time with true value solar, the installers were very good and the sales guy was great as well. they said it could be 8 to 10 weeks and it was installed today 4 weeks later. the rest is up to the power company and i was told it would be 2 to 3 months so I wont hold my breath but TVS did there bit very well.
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