solar setup

Anything got to do with solar thats off grid. No matter how big or small.

solar setup

Postby antman » Wed Jan 23, 2008 5:41 pm

This is my homemade solar setup that i made to keep the house running in case of a blackout. With the size of the batterys it's capable of keeping the house running for about a week with a total of about 14 killowatts of storage capacity. It has the capability to charge the batterys from off peak electricity which costs half the price of normal electricity. It can also backfeed into the house so that the house just runs as normal during a blackout. The components are....
14 x 12 volt 80 ampere batterys from the local metal recycler for $4 each only 3 years old.
450 watt 12 volt power supply from ebay hong kong for $60. It charges at upto 40 amps.
1500 watt inverter from ebay for $160.
Swinging comms cabinet so the back can be acsessed.
Various circuit breakers, cable links, cable.
Shunts for measuring current soon to have panel meters to display current in and out.
65 watt solar panel to keep the batterys topped up.
Competition electronics nanometer pro hooked up temporarily for testing.

Hope you like it.......
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Re: solar setup

Postby TonyB » Fri Feb 08, 2008 12:54 am

Nice. Glad to see my nanometer been used.
I got the parts to make more so when you need another one, just come past.

I'm also working on a high voltage nanometer. Still experimental. This is because actual domestic/commercial solar setups, that are grid connected, use high voltage solar setups. That is, they got like 10-20 panels in series, which can produce up to 400vdc at like 10amps.

Ive already started work on a high-power/high-voltage MPPT.
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Re: solar setup

Postby mofman » Thu Jun 19, 2008 11:39 pm

Nice setup and cheap as well. Good on ya! :)
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Re: solar setup

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