Joyachem Adhesive Ink are not the solution here

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Joyachem Adhesive Ink are not the solution here

Postby WilliamNance » Fri Feb 17, 2017 5:28 pm

Temporary are found to have low resistance to water and temperature and break up when water or removers are applied on them. But permanent PUR Glue maintain high levels in all these features and also ably withstand any changes in the environmental conditions.

Acrylic adhesives are got in three forms they are liquid, paste and tape form. Liquid are commonly used in carpentry work, for decorations and by the designers in the work of upholstery. Tape form is used in fabrics.

First we have to concentrate on a very important point "Adhesives are not the solution for ill fitted rocking denture ". It is very important for you to know that adhesives should only be used with properly manufactured, good fitting and not rocking dentures.

If you have a new denture and it is not fitting, rocking or cause sores and ulcers then you should see your dentist quickly to fix it. If you neglected the problem and tried to use adhesives the jaw bone will shrink which will be very hard for the dentist to repair and sometimes you will need to make a new denture that can be worse than the first one.

What if you have an old denture that was retentive and stable then after 2-5 years it becomes loose, falling or rock during speaking or eating. Unfortunately denture Adhesive Ink are not the solution here this old denture needs what we call "relining".
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